“The Bachelorette” 2016 has a “villain” – Chad Johnson – but the former US Marine doesn’t mind it at all.

In the past two episodes of the ABC reality show, Johnson had sparked tension with the other contestants and has been tagged as “villain” and “violent” because of his actions, People magazine wrote.

During episode two, Johnson yelled after Alex talked to him about cutting off other guys’ conversations with “The Bachelorette” 2016 star JoJo Fletcher. “Keep that up, you’re gonna lose your damn teeth,” he yelled. He also made other threats toward his co-stars in the mansion such as “I’m gonna cut everyone here’s legs off and arms off” and “I will physically hurt you,” People noted in a separate report.

“I had no idea there was this much tension between Chad and the other guys,” JoJo Fletcher wrote in her exclusive People magazine blog: “I knew there was some tension, of course, but I didn’t know there were threats of violence. I don’t feel great now seeing this. It’s all just so complicated. Chad is a complex guy with complex emotions,” the reality star added.

Chad Johnson has defended himself over his co-contestants’ opinion of him. He explained that he has no serious relationship in several years because he was taking care of his sick mother, who recently died. He shared on Instagram a photo of him with his mother and sister after episode two was aired.

Johnson wrote: “For 7 years I watched my mother slowly die from cancer. Over the last 3 she got much worse and I decided to spend all of my time that I wasn’t working, at her house taking care of her and generally spending time with her. She was all alone since her divorce from my father. My sister and I were all that she had. So I have not had a relationship in a very long time because I was busy trying to make sure my mother lived out her final years in comfort and surrounded by family. I still miss her everyday… She was my best friend and the person I told everything to.”

The real estate agent clearly does not mind to be called as “bad guy.” “So maybe I’m a bit cocky, but you know what.. I think it’s hilarious, and so did my mother. As men we call each other names and make fun of each other because that’s what we do, and you either rise above it and have fun with it, or get offended because you can’t handle it at which point you should just turn in your man card,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. 

Chad Johnson is one of JoJo’s suitors that host Chris Harrison said viewers should watch for. “[Chad] is not shy about sharing his opinions, he does what he wants and he is competitive. He will definitely make some waves in the house,” he told Yahoo. “Chad, oh Chad. America is either going to love this guy or love to hate this guy,” Harrison added.

“The Bachelorette” airs every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.