The Bachelor Season 21 is on its way. The Bachelor Season 21 features goofy guy Richie Strahan. He is set to capture the hearts of 22 women. He went from being one of the 22 competitors for a Bachelorette’s heart to being a Bachelor himself. And it seems he’s not only capable of delivering stinking lines, he himself stinks.

One source claims that Richie Strahan not only delivers stinky one liners, he also stinks, reports. Whether he had a bad breath or a body odor, the source did not point it out. One thing is for sure, it was certainly a mood killer. Richie’s nerves may also be the culprit as his body goes on an overdrive. Moreover, nobody knows whether he himself is aware.

With the source unknown, a rejected bachelorette may have released the statement as a form of revenge. It could be anyone of the 21 rejected girls Richie has cast off.

Despite the smelly story, Richie may have found the one who can bear his smelly side on the Bachelor Season 21.

Starting with 22 women, Richie will date each one and sort out who’s in it for the money and in it for his heart.

During the recent Bachelorette season, the audiences sympathized with him after he failed on winning Sam’s heart. This time around, he will be the one deciding who will stay and who will go.

Richie delighted the audiences with his goofy lines and random outbursts like ‘cool bananas.’

It seems a bachelorette is following suit with a goofy line herself saying “Don’t go bacon my heart.”

Basing from Richie’s past antics in the Bachelorette and the teaser trailer, audiences can expect more of these from the guy. While Richie consulted a speech therapist before they began filming The Bachelor, he should also have consulted a hygiene doctor.

As the show goes, the girls are eliminated one by one during the critical rose ceremonies. Daily Mail reported that The Bachelor wrapped up its filming in Bali, Indonesia earlier this month.

As The Bachelor Season 21 starts to air on Wednesday at 7:30PM on Channel Ten, the guessing game begins on who’s going to win Richie’s heart and who’s going to have their hearts broken.