The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 finale might offer a few surprises that audiences would not expect at all.

The Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 seemed to live up to its goal to provide a second chance at love. Spoilers revealed the possibility of a wedding during the finale. Perhaps, some viewers are wishing for the same outcome. Show creator Mike Fleiss appears to be hopeful of a double ceremony.

However, cupid reportedly missed the mark with a number of couples who hooked up earlier in the season. Thus, it could upset viewers’ bets on who ends up with whom in the end. Moreover, would it jeopardize hopes of a wedding taking place once again on BIP?

According to Reality Steve, five couples will make it to the BIP Season 3 finale. However, it would appear that only three remained together since filming ended. The casualties were Ashley and Wells, along with Nick and Jen.

Nick revealed his primary objective to meet Jen on the show early on. However, was the reality too much for them to handle? Spoilers revealed their amicable break up during the finale. Perhaps their time alone in the Fantasy Suite did not meet expectations.

Ashley seemed to find solace in Wells after Jared became cozy with Caila. However, the initial sparks between them supposedly did not last long. Spoilers even hinted Wells initiated the breakup. Meanwhile, her initial hookup with Chad did not put off Lace from finding true love. She and Grant reportedly have matching tattoos to symbolize their union. Carly and Evan are supposedly keeping their engagement a secret until the finale. Spoilers point to Amanda and Josh house hunting already.

The two-night Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 finale is expected to air on September 5 and 6. However, the show has yet to confirm the telecast dates.

Which couple gets married on the Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 finale?