Did the latest video promo from the “Bachelor Australia” 2016 reveal the identity of the ideal girl for Richie Strahan?

After filming wrapped up for the “Bachelor Australia” 2016, Richie Strahan expressed his happiness in making the right choice. However, he declined to reveal the lucky lady’s identity at the time. Moreover, he’s promised to keep mum about the details to let viewers enjoy the show thoroughly.

Yet his efforts to keep a secret might be undone by the latest video promo from the “Bachelor Australia” 2016, seeing as how it might have inadvertently revealed the identity of Strahan’s perfect girl. According to Mail Online, the chemistry between the bachelor and Megan Harris seemed proof of this. First, they are both from Western Australia. Second, they have a mutual passion for the outdoors.

However, the best part of their first meeting was still to come as Strahan’s reactions to her spoke volumes. From the start, Strahan looked rather eager to reply as Megan described her love for nature and the ocean. Furthermore, his confession to Megan right after their introduction clearly singled her out as a favorite early on.

“I’ve actually been waiting to have a chat with you all night. I really felt that we hit it off,” Strahan revealed. Thus, viewers can likely expect a bit of rivalry between Megan and the other contestants. In fact, some of the ladies had already expressed their strong opinions about it. Rachael seemed to hold back her emotions with a rather mocking admiration of how hot Megan is. Yet Keira didn’t hold back her frustration over the flirtatious conversation the two seemed to enjoy.

At the start of the video, Megan noted the significance of the first meeting. Did their first encounter show signs of a possible romance? Viewers will have to stay tuned to see how their relationship plays out until Richie hands out the final rose.

However, Megan likely has a chance given their strong connection. According to News.com.au, the West Australian native believes their similar interests would be her advantage when asked why Richie should choose her over the rest. The latest video could prove her right.