“The Bachelor”Australia 2016 star Richie Strahan has revealed that he has finally found the one but the rope technician wanted to keep the name of the woman secret for the meantime.

According to news.com.au, the filming of the next installment of “The Bachelor”Australia has concluded and Strahan just handed the final rose to the woman he chose. The finale of “The Bachelor” Australia 2016 was shot in a private villa at the five-star resort in Bali,Indonesia.

Strahan said he is definitely happy about his choice and he is enjoying every moment he is with the lady he picked. “(But) I’m definitely happy. This has been such an unreal, crazy rollercoaster ride and I’ve loved every moment of it,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

However, Strahan stressed that he wanted to keep mum her name, even to his close friends, so they can enjoy the show without any spoiler.

“It’s all about the surprise,” he said. “Everybody worked so hard to create something and it’s an amazing journey. It’s such an adventure and people get invested. It’s like when you watch Game of Thrones every week and you’re biting at the bit to see the next episode. And for someone to spoil that? You’re like, ‘No! Why? I wanted to see it,” Strahan added.

According to Mail Online, there have been reports that Warner Bros. is creating a new contract for the show’s contestants to make sure all the rejected woman will stay in hiding until the season airs. The contract indicated that the contestants should not be seen together once the filming concluded.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph wrote, in a separate report, that Channel Ten producers had called in the Indonesian military to guard the set location and to keep the paparazzi from taking pictures while they are filming the season finale of the reality show.

“Keen paps even tried to hire helicopters once they had touched down on the Indonesian island, only to be told ‘all choppers are grounded for maintenance for two days,” the publication wrote.

Strahan is runner up in “The Bachelorette”2016, wherein Sam Frost picked Sasha Mielczarek.