The Bachelor Australia 2016 debuted last week and contestant Keira Maguire has become the center of tension both on and off the show.  Dubbed as the villainof season 4, Keira soon received heaps of negative comments from viewers and the likes. Is she quitting The Bachelor because of bullying?

On The Bachelor Australia 2016, Maguire was dubbed as the villain because of her argumentative nature and sarcastic statements.  She is one the most dominating contestants ever since she first appeared on the show.

On the latest episode, Kiera hurt Eliza St John on camera. Keira is now the focus of quite a few arguments on the show from having gained one-on-one time with Bachelor Richie Strahan.

Many fans may have found Keira’s behavior towards Eliza offensive, but the 31-year-old is one of those very few participants who have come forward to defend Maguire.

In her words:

“At the end of the day, we go on the show knowing that everybody is going to be commenting on it. We’ve made up, we’re buddies and she’s a good girl at the end of the day who is on the road to finding love. I applaud her courage to be so opinionated. Sometimes, sure, you want her to do it in a more tactful way but everything is heightened.”

The Bachelor Australia 2016: Keira Maguire

On the other hand, the negative feedback from the fans on social media pages have brought Keira Maguire to tears. The account manager told she was trying to avoid  her social media page after someone called her a ‘c***’.

One image – which has gained more than 7,000 likes on The Bachelor Memes Facebook – depicts Keira as the ‘poor man’s Lara Bingle’, reported Mail Online.

Her outspokenness has also seen her clash with single mother Alex Nation. But Nation said that she is more worried about Maguire than herself after the reality show aired.

She stated:

“I was very aware early on that Keira is who she is — and she’s unapologetic as well. She’s very opinionated and she’s very outspoken but more power to her. It’s great she can be like that because she’s just trying to who she is.”

Nation also asked those on social media to give the 29-year old blonde beauty a break.

Keira shared how the constant stream of confrontations left her feeling exhausted during shooting. She revealed that she considered leaving the mansion ‘every day’.

Often negative comments can bring the morale down to a great extent. It also affects the health of a person. How would Keira react to this negativity? Will she stick to the show or say bye to The Bachelor Australia 2016?