Lately, we discussed how The Bachelor Australia 2016 participant Keira Maguire was being targeted offensively by social media. Right from the beginning of the reality show, Maguire was dubbed as the villain because of her argumentative nature and sarcastic statements. However, some recent revelations by her about her past may change the perception of her haters.  Not only the shocking back-story digs deeper into the secret corners of her past, but also reveals Keira Maguire is not evil.

The Bachelor Australia 2016 contestant Keira Maguire spent her first five years in a “polygamist cult” headed up by her late father, Alistah Laishkochav, who was also a convicted pedophile. She used to live in a joint family since her father had nine wives and 64 children.

The New Zealander changed his name from Ian Lowe when he moved to Australia in 1969.  He started the polygamous cult in 1983 and attracted followers because of his “spiritual powers” and beliefs based on Jewish, Muslim and Mormon religions. His followers blindly believed that Laishkochav was Jesus Christ.

Laishkochav was jailed in 2000 at the age of 71 after he was found guilty of 16 counts of indecent assault, one count of sexual penetration of a child under 10, three counts of attempted sexual penetration of a child under 10 and one count of recklessly causing injury. Many of his underage victims were the children of his followers.

According to a 2000 court report in The Age,  one of the victims revealed how he used to scare the innocent minds. He warned her (the victim) if she told anyone, “God would punish me and he would hurt me”.

Laishkochav was sentenced to seven years and six months’ jail since he had shown no remorse for his sinful acts. In 2008, he was secretly sent to his native New Zealand after being released from jail. According to his son Shem Baker, Laishkochav is now leading an isolated life over there.

Maguire said at age five her mother Michelle moved her and her five immediate sisters and brothers to Queensland to give them a normal life.

In her words: “My mother removed my family from that environment when I was five years old, over 25 years ago. I was brought up by my mother and grandmother in Brisbane in a loving, caring and compassionate household. I had a wonderful childhood and I am extremely grateful to both my mother and grandmother for the upbringing which they provided me and my siblings.”

The 29-year-old account manager now lives in Sydney’s Double Bay. The reality star also clarified her relation with her father. “Alistah Laishkochav is not relevant to who I am nor does he define me,” Keira said.

Keira Maguire, who has been considered as the baddie of The Bachelor Australia 2016 did not reveal her background on the show. It was during her interview with Women’s Day when she shared the horrific truth of her past.

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