Application for the next season of “The Bachelor” Australia is on, but there were questions on the application form that raised eyebrows to some.

The Daily Mail cited awkward questions about the sex life of applicants, such as “How many sexual partners have you had? Male? Female?” and “When was the last time you cried and why?”

Daily Mail noted that these are questions that applicants are required to answer.

It added that those wishing to be selected for the audition stages must also reveal the names of their former partners and reason to why they separated.  They must also state whether they have ever cheated on a partner, as well as details of their past heartbreaks.

Those signing up to “The Bachelor” Australia application form are also required to hand over their social media handles and names along with information about their medical background.

The Daily Mail reported earlier this year “The Bachelor” Australia 2015 contestants were forced to undertake and pass a sexually transmitted infection (STI) test.

Application for the reality TV competition is available here. Deadline of application for season four will be on January 29, 2016.

Meanwhile, “The Bachelor” Australia 2015 Sam Wood and winner Snezana Markoski ran into former contestant Heather Maltman recently.

According to New Idea, Heather “legged it out” of the event when she spotted the couple.

The encounter occurred at Channel Ten’s Upfront event in Sydney’s The Star this month.

The magazine quoted a source saying: “After the presentation, which was largely centered on Sam and Snezena, Heather totally hot-footed it out of there!”

“Heather looked so awkward. She was trying to look deep in conversation with people, but you could tell she was dying to leave!,” the source added.

However, Heather was not the only one that looked uncomfortable during the event, New Idea added. Sam reportedly also looking “on edge” sparking speculation there is still awkwardness between the two.

Heather was left heartbroken when Sam booted her off the mansion after getting down to the remaining four contestants.

At the time, Heather said: “I didn’t expect it not to work out with Sam.”

Heather is currently dating actor Andrew Steele.