The “Bachelor in Paradise” alum Jade Roper made a shocking revelation about her past and how Lady Gaga inspired her to share her story.

Roper revealed that she was raped as a teenager and she decided to make her story public for the first time because of Lady Gaga’s heartbreaking performance at the recent Oscars 2016, Hollywood Life reported.

Watch Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance below

“The sobering statistic [is] that 1 in 5 women will be sexually abused/assaulted by the time they graduate college, 1 in 20 for men,” the 29-year-old newlywed wrote in her blog.

“I was raped just shy of my 17th birthday. One night I was at a party with some friends and they ended up leaving without me. They shouldn’t have seemed worried, they left me with a group of guys we were all friends with. I remember going with them to one of the guys’ parents’ house, we had hung out in his basement with friends several times before, so it seemed perfectly normal,” Roper continued.

“The Lady GaGa performance gave me the courage to speak about my story, a story that’s been trapped inside me for over 12 years. I hope that sharing my experience will help girls and women know that they are not alone. And that you have to voice things in order for things to change,” she added.

Read Roper’s full blog post here

Lady Gaga was onominated for Best Original Song category of the 88th Academy Awards, but Sam Smith took home the Oscar’s gold statue for the category.

Gaga earlier dedicated her first ever Oscar nomination to victims of sexual assault on college campuses.

“This nomination lends a voice to so many victims and their families around the world. Thank you to The Academy for recognizing the movement of people who have come together around for this film & song in the name of sexual assault. Myself and Diane Warren are simply honored to represent the voices of so many SURVIVORS,” the singer shared on her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Roper also shared on Instagram a photo of Gaga while performing at the Oscars along with wording “The powerful moment of the night. 50 survivors of sexual assault joined Lady Gaga on stage for her performance of Til It Happens To You.”