Nyle DiMarco is definitely on a roll winning his second reality TV competition in the Season 22 champion of “Dancing with the Stars” after winning “Americas Next Top Model” just last year. Now, everyone’s favorite deaf celebrity is being considered to be the next Bachelor.

During a post-Dancing with the Stars interview, the 27-year-old American model/actor was asked if he’d consider joining ABC’s “The Bachelor” in order to find love. Although Nyle DiMarco said it may be a challenge, but he didn’t totally shoot down the idea.

“I mean, I don’t know. Let’s see if they reach out to me and see what happens,” he told Us Magazine. “We’ll see what happens. I think it’s funny because it would be kind of awkward to have an interpreter involved during the whole thing.”

But Nyle DiMarco makes a good point: “[The fantasy suite] would be a triangle,” he joked.

Mirror reports that Nyle DiMarco and professional partner Peta Murgatroyd were rewarded with the coveted Dancing with the Stars mirror ball trophy after coming on top even with steep competition. “This is such an amazing feeling. This whole thing has been so incredible because of this man. I owe everything to him. He is just incredible,” Murgatroyd said through tears following the victory announcement on behalf of DiMarco, who was also crying.

Nyle DiMarco revealed his sexuality to his followers during a Twitter Q&A last year. When asked by one twitter user “Nyle you have so much gays fans!, tell us, boys or girls?” he simply answered “fluid.”

The 6’2″ model, described as having “washboard abs,” also helpfully added an “Everyday Feminism” article to his post which explained what fluid sexuality means and how it fits into the LGBT spectrum.

Despite some people not understanding what fluid sexuality is or just hearing the term for the first time, the reaction has been positive.