News on The Bachelor 2017 are starting to heat up. Fans are already expecting that the announcement will come right after The Bachelorette 2016 finale. Luke Pell is a strong choice yet fans are hoping it’s Chase McNary. Reports revealed what producers have to say.

Earlier in June, fans had hoped Luke Pell to be this season’s winner. As he captured fans’ attention, Luke’s fans were hoping he also captured JoJo Fletcher’s heart. Although JoJo decided to choose between Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes, Luke Pell definitely proved why he’s the whole package.

Although fans are rooting for Chase McNary, International Business Times India reported. Chase told Entertainment Tonight that there were indeed talks for him to be the show’s next leading man. Nonetheless, he said that he still has to make the smart and right decision. On the other hand, Robby Hayes has a slim chance to be selected due to his “unclean” image. There were reports that he left his most recent girlfriend to join the show.

But, could this mean that Chase is the next bachelor? Sources told Hollywood Life what the show’s producers think about Luke Pell and Chase McNary.

“It’s between Luke and Chase. [Luke has the upper hand because] America really fell in love with [him], and Chase has a Juan Pablo vibe,” the source said.

“The producers want it to be Luke, but they also are noticing how the fans are really getting behind Chase. [Chase] obviously got the louder applause and response during The Men Tell All special, but Luke has that war vet story that the producers are salivating over. Right now, it is anyone’s game. Will the producers win or will they listen to the fans?” another source added.

The publication, however, noted that it the next bachelor won’t be Jordan Rodgers or Robby Hayes.

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