The 20th season of “The Bachelor” is set to premiere Monday (Jan. 4) and it will feature Ben Higgins.

The ABC’s popular reality show shared several photos taken on the very first night of the show after the 28 ladies stepped out of limousines and got to know Ben at the first cocktail party.

You should not miss episode one as it will showcase some kisses, holding hands, and tears.

Ben recently said he was not going to kiss many ladies this season. However, at least two ladies get him in a lip-lock on the first episode, Star Pulse reported.

Contestant Mandi Kremer was first who got a smooch from Ben. Lace Morris also stole a kiss right away in the mansion driveway, but spoilers indicate that she is rejected when she tries to kiss Ben again during the cocktail party.

According to Star Pulse, Morris has been viewed as this season’s villain. Will the viewers expect harsh reactions from her about the rejected kiss?

Twin Emily and Haley Ferguson were reportedly got some couch time with Ben. Spoilers indicate that the sisters may not be eliminated at the same time, Star Pulse noted.

According to Reality Steve, seven ladies will be sent home on the first night alone. The bachelorettes that are going to be booted out are: Meagan Miller, Lauren Russell, Jessica Moser, Isabel Goodkind, Laura Esselman, Breanne Rice, and Tiara Soleim.

The first impression rose went to Olivia Caridi, Reality Steve added.

The 21 girls remaining after Episode 1 are:

  1. Jami Letain
  2. Rachel Tchen
  3. Jen Saviano
  4. Lauren Bushnell
  5. Mandi Kremer
  6. Lace Morris
  7. Amber James
  8. Becca Tilley
  9. Olivia Caridi
  10. Sam Passmore
  11. Lauren Himle
  12. Emily Ferguson
  13. Haley Ferguson
  14. Jubilee Sharpe
  15. Leah Block
  16. Caila Quinn
  17. Lauren Barr “LB”
  18. Amanda Stanton
  19. JoJo Fletcher
  20. Jackie Dion
  21. Shushanna Mkrtychyan

“The Bachelor” season premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Monday on ABC.