“The Bachelor” 2016 drama continues with news anchor Olivia Caridi at centre stage. Anticipation over her departure from the show is growing.

However, spoilers published by Gossip & Gab reveal viewers may see Caridi for another episode.

Eliminations for Week 5 include Jennifer Saviano and Jubilee Sharpe Gossip & Gab revealed earlier.

Sharpe got into a heated conversation with Ben Higgins, this year’s bachelor, last week during the group date. Higgins sent her home.

Caridi worked her magic during the group date and secured a rose.

Recent episodes show the women have started to criticise her other characteristics as well. According to Bustle, the other women talked about her fake boobs, “dragon breath” and cankles.

Her ‘Teen Mom’ comment also drew their ire. Consequently, Emily Ferguson spoke to Higgins at the Cocktail Party about Caridi’s phony act with him.

Higgins asked the other women how they felt about it. They had the same opinion about Caridi.

At this point, “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison stopped the party. Before making his decision, Higgins tells Harrison he wants to talk with Caridi first.

Although Caridi stays, Week 6 could be her last episode.

For Week 6, the notorious two-on-one dates of the series is up. In the episode, Caridi joins Emily Ferguson for a date with Higgins.

Caridi reportedly goes home while Ferguson gets the rose after the date.

From the start, Caridi’s actions on the show did not sit well with the other women. In earlier news, one bachelorette called her “very aggressive”.

In an earlier preview clip, Caridi had this to say, “I would love more, more, more, more, more time with [Ben] and I’m going to do whatever. Like I don’t want to sit on a couch and sip on my water. I want to talk to Ben. I think it’s just as important to him as it is to me. There’s a mutual understanding that we both need time together.”