News anchor Olivia Caridi will upset the other women vying for Ben Higgins’ heart at “The Bachelor” 2016.

In a new sneak preview of Monday’s episode, Caridi was seen pulling Higgins away from the ladies who are sitting around him, ABC News reported.  She was then seen leading Higgins up a hotel room while waving to the other women from the balcony.

One of the bachelorettes called her “very aggressive” as Caridi walked off with Higgins while another called the move a “slap in the face.” However, the news anchor from Texas said she has no regrets about her action and added she will do whatever it takes to be alone with Higgins.

ABC News quoted Olive saying in the preview clip: “I would love more, more, more, more, more time with [Ben] and I’m going to do whatever. Like I don’t want to sit on a couch and sip on my water. I want to talk to Ben. I think it’s just as important to him as it is to me. There’s a mutual understanding that we both need time together.”

Meanwhile, Higgins revealed in an interview with Parade what drew him to Caridi. The software salesman said Caridi’s willingness to leave her job was a big factor in his decision to give her the first rose of the season.

He said, “She is classy. She is confident. She spoke openly about what her desires were. She gave up a lot to be in this experience. She gave up her job. I thought it was really nice to hear her speak about what her intentions were, so I gave her the rose.”

In another interview, Higgins was asked who he thinks is the hottest among the contestants.

Without any second thoughts, Higgins revealed to E! News that it is Caridi. Although she got the first rose, Higgins is not totally impressed. Yahoo wrote it is because she was speculated to join the competition only for publicity.

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