Avid fans will soon rejoice as the 20th season of “The Bachelor” premieres early next year. With Ben Higgins as the new “Bachelor,” who will be the lucky girl worthy of his love? According to rumours, the 28 ladies will be introduced this week.

As reported on Bustle, ABC usually reveals the contestants a month before the season premiere. In previous seasons, the “Bachelor” nation was already aware of the line up on the first week of December. Bustle mentioned that there’s a high possibility for ABC to announce the line up within the week.

Despite weeks away from the premiere, Reality Steve gave hints on the line up of contestants. For the limo entrances, the site mentioned that viewers should watch out for contestants Maegan Miller and Jojo Fletcher. Maegan will bring her pony while Jojo will wear a unicorn head.

Notably, there are identical twins who will be fighting for Ben’s love on this season. According to E! Online, Ben will approach twins Emily and Haley Ferguson upon arrival and say, “Group hug?” The site mentioned that the Ferguson Twins “will even say things at the same time” on the show.

But here comes the biggest spoiler.

Realty Today reported that there’s a big reveal on the premiere episode of “The Bachelor.” As mentioned on the site, seven will be eliminated out of the 28 bachelorettes. These are Breanne Rice, Maegan Miler, Isabel Goodkind, Tiara Soleim, Lauren Russel, Laura Esselman, and Jessica Moser.

Although seven girls will be eliminated, news reporter Olivia Caridi will get the first impression rose. Out of the contestants, the site mentioned that Caila Quinn, Jojo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnel will make it to the final rose ceremony.

However, Star Pulse dished that Ben has his eyes on someone already. According to the site, “Ben has been pretty clear about wanting Lauren [Bushnell] in the end, so much so that it’s apparently become obvious to the rest of the group… they’ve all kinda seen the writing on the wall.”

Do you think these spoilers are true?

“The Bachelor” Season 20 premieres on January 4, Monday, on ABC.