In the latest sneak peak of “The Bachelor,” Ben Higgins was seen making out with a topless woman. Meanwhile, another clip showed a contestant with a black eye. What’s going to happen this season?

Less than a week before the episode premieres, ABC dropped a new teaser video. And according to Hollywood Life, this season might be “entertaining” to watch. With 28 ladies fighting for Ben’s love, it looks like fans will expect a lot of drama.

In the latest trailer, Leah Block claimed that a fellow contestant hit her. The 25-year-old event planner was in tears and even showed her black eye. Yikes. Did the ladies have some sort of brawl to get Ben’s attention?

Meanwhile, another girl seemed to get her first move on Ben. She was seen making out with the bachelor. And she was only wearing a bra (or maybe a bikini top)! The clip also showed a shirtless Ben and featured a lot of girls in tears.

Watch the promo clip here:

As mentioned on Hollywood Life, viewers won’t probably witness a lot of kissing this season. Entertainment Weekly reported that Ben rejected a kiss in one episode.

In the preview clip, Lace, 25, mentioned that she was the first to kiss him. But when she asked for a “better first kiss,” she didn’t expect Ben’s response. He turned down her request and gave her his reasons.

Ben told her,

“I wanted to make sure we spent our time getting to know each other one on one, and not necessarily kissing or making out the whole the time.”

Earlier this month, it was reported that “The Bachelor” will now have limited kissing and making out sessions. Ben admitted that he wanted to concentrate in getting to know the ladies.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe dished that Ben will eventually find true love this season.

Sean revealed,

“I think he will find someone, much like Catherine, someone who doesn’t care to be in the spotlight, someone who maybe doesn’t show up until midway through the season.”

Do you think Sean’s pointing to Amanda Stanton? Catch a new season of “The Bachelor” on ABC starting January 4, Monday.