With few more episodes and 11 ladies left in the mansion, “The Bachelor” 2016 star Ben Higgins seems to have an eye on somebody.

Higgins revealed that he fell in love with two girls and is now struggling on whom to give the final rose, Inquisitr reported.

There were rumours that the two ladies are Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher. Higgins has chemistry with both ladies. Earlier on the show, the bachelor revealed that he was extremely interested in Bushnell.

Inquisitr cited blogger Reality Steve prediction that during the finale, Higgins will get down on one knee and propose to Bushnell after he booted out Fletcher.

Reality Steve added that the pair is currently engaged to be married.

Higgins earlier hinted in an interview with “Good Morning America” about his current status.

The software salesman said joining the reality show has been a good choice, fueling speculations that he got engaged at the end of “The Bachelor” filming.

“When they asked initially, I think I just wanted to process everything make sure it was the right decision for me and ultimately, it was. It definitely was. The last year has been a little crazy, it’s definitely changed life a lot, but I would never take it back,” he said.

However, Higgins did not confirm nor deny the engagement rumour.

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Meanwhile, Higgins revealed to People magazine that he likes a woman who feels comfortable of herself.

He said, “I like when a woman is relaxed and comfortable, when she’s feeling comfortable. I don’t want her to have to always feel like she has to put on a face for me. I just want her to feel like herself!”

The reality star revealed two of his celebrity crushes and it turned out that they are both noted as effortlessly beautiful stars in Hollywood – Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively.

“I’ve always had a thing for Jennifer Aniston. She’s just kind of stayed beautiful as she’s aged,” he said.