The widely coveted “L-word” will be dropped in the upcoming episode of “The Bachelor” but it will not only be coming from the three remaining women but also from Ben Higgins.

The latest teaser suggested that Higgins can’t hold it back anymore and says the “L-word” to two of the final three ladies in the show which is a violation of the show’s rules, according to E News.

Higgins and the final three ladies head to Jamaica for the episode that everyone is waiting for – the Fantasy Suites. ABC wrote Higgins will present Caila, JoJo and Lauren B. with an invitation to spend a night with him in the “fantasy suite.”

In the sneak peak of the February 29 episode, the three ladies tell Higgins that they love him and he will say “I love you” in return to at least two of them.  Higgins also admits that he loves two of the women in the show.

According to E News, it’s the No. 1 rule in the franchise to never say the L word to a contestant. E News added Higgins doesn’t break the rule just once but twice by telling two of his final three ladies that he loves them.

“The Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss told E! News that “a record number” of woman dropped the L-bomb through this season. “What happened on this season is he’s such a catch that the girls competed harder  for him than any other season. I think eight or nine girls said they were in love with him…a lot of girls want to marry this guy,” he said.

As for the Fantasy Suite dates, Fleiss teased: “They steamed up the windows plenty!”

Who will be the final two for Higgins?

Earlier spoilers indicated that Higgins will eliminate Caila next and it will a battle between JoJo and Lauren. Us Weekly reported that the woman Higgins’ ejected in the finale felt “blindsided.”  “She was devastated,” the source said of the girl the bachelor doesn’t choose. “The finale is brutal. There were lots of tears,” an insider claimed.

Spoilers indicated that Lauren won the heart of this season’s bachelor and Higgins’ mom helped him chose the winner in this season.