The perfect girl bid farewell to the Bachelor 2016 Australia.

Megan Harris had the upper hand on the Bachelor 2016 Australia. The odds were certainly in her favor. Moreover, the chemistry between her and Richie Strahan was evident from the moment they met. Hence, many dubbed her as the perfect girl for him. Then again, the distinction made her an easy target for the other ladies who felt threatened by her lead.

Although Richie’s choice for the white rose was Alex, it did not deter Megan in her quest for love. She remained a frontrunner among the 22 ladies in the running for his heart. Even Bachelorette Australia 2016 star Sam Frost forecast her winning. Hence, what went wrong on the Bachelor 2016 Australia that made her decide to step away? Apparently, Richie’s actions on the Bachelor 2016 Australia led to her choice. A source revealed why she walked out on Richie.

“She [Megan] admitted she didn’t think Richie was being true to himself by keeping drama queen Keira [Maguire] in for ratings. He was absolutely devastated. It was the last thing he expected, and he felt a strong connection with her,” Mail Online cited a report from New Idea.

Keira certainly set herself apart from the other contenders early on. She certainly is not one to play coy. Moreover, she is not shy to voice out her opinions. Hence, Keira earned the reputation of being the next villain in the mansion. Megan was one of her targets from the start. Her quip about Megan’s bosom is quite memorable. Yet contrary to what everyone thinks about her, Richie did not consider Keira as a villain when they first. However, would the Bachelor 2016 Australia reconsider his opinion of her given the recent turn of events?

Richie enjoys a dance with Keira on the Bachelor 2016 Australia. Where is Megan?