Richie Strahan could have sought advice from Sam Frost for tips on the Bachelor 2016 Australia. However, he did not.

Australia fell in love with Richie Strahan on The Bachelorette. Although he failed to win the heart of Sam Frost, he won the hearts of viewers with his personality and good looks. However, his recent confession about his true feelings for Sam seemed to imply some bitterness over the loss. Then again, all’s well that ends well. Sam is happy with Sash and Richie appears happy with his choice on the Bachelor 2016 Australia.

Hence, many would surmise that friendship would be more likely in the future of Sam and Richie. Guess again. As it turns out, the bachelor has yet to speak with the bachelorette since the show. While it might suggest some hostility between the two, the truth is far from it. Their lack of communication is simply a case of respect, as Richie pointed out. Moreover, his current situation on the Bachelor 2016 Australia prevents him from speaking with anyone for fear of spilling details. A fact that Sam would certainly understand and appreciate since she went through the same situation earlier. Their chance reunion at the recent Logies Awards was brief, Richie revealed.

“After the Bachelorette, I didn’t talk to Sammy. She’s, you know, going on her own journey with Sash and it just comes down to a level of respect between those two. You don’t want to be calling her up and be like, ‘Oh yeah Sammy, do you want to catch up for a coffee?’ Bit weird. So I just want her to do her own thing and, saying that, so does she,” Richie told Mamamia resident TV guru Laura Brodnik.

Richie also revealed another reason why he did not call Sam after the show. Surprisingly, he does not have her number.

Join Richie as he meets the 22 ladies on the Bachelor 2016 Australia this Wednesday, July 27, on TEN.