Richie Strahan might not be the only one who found the love of his life on the Bachelor 2016 Australia.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia succeeded in its goal to find Richie Strahan his ultimate mate. Although his ladylove of choice did not sit well with many fans of the reality TV dating competition. Indeed many felt Alex was not the right one for him.

The tweets of the Bachelorette 2015 Australia star Sam Frost seemed to echo the sentiments of many who rooted for Nikki. Nonetheless, it was no one else’s decision to make and Richie chose her. Hence, viewers can only hope the best for them in spite of their reservations.

In the midst of the new couple’s controversy, it would seem someone else from the Bachelor 2016 Australia could have found love as well. Fans might recall Megan Marx, one of the 22 ladies who competed for the heart of Richie. Eventually, she became known as his perfect girl. Indeed, their initial meeting and private chats showed a certain chemistry between them. Consequently, she became a front-runner on the competition.

However, in a surprising twist, Megan chose to leave. At the time, she felt Richie was not being honest with himself for keeping Keira on the show for ratings. Then again, was there another reason for her departure? Moreover, would it reveal why Richie was not the perfect guy for her?

Megan recently sparked interest in her personal life when social media posts showed her with another contestant from the Bachelor this season. However, she neither confirmed nor denied anything between her and Tiffany Scanlon. This time around, she might have confessed it to the world while out with Rachael Gouvignon, also from the show.

“I’m cheating on Tiffany! Oh, I didn’t say that,” Megan said followed by laughter from her and Rachael Mail Online revealed. The publication cited her interview with NW magazine wherein she revealed a relationship with a woman could be possible.

Did Megan find love on the Bachelor 2016 Australia but not with Richie?