The Bachelor 2016 Australia Richie Strahan has defended his decision of choosing Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan.

The Perth hunk has been the center of online backlash after the Bachelor 2016 Australia finale Thursday night. Viewers couldn’t believe that Strahan picked Alex over Nikki. Many took to social media to show their disappointment and slammed the 31-year-old rope technician.

He is tagged as “the most hated man in Australia” and also compared to the reality show “villain” Keira Maguire. Even Aussie celebrities did not hide their frustrations of Strahan’s choice.  Both the Bachelorette 2015 Australia star Sam Frost and Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian expressed their disappointment on Twitter.

Strahan admitted that he does  not understand why there are negative reactions on his choice. Strahan explained that he tried twice to find love in reality shows. He told The Project that now that he finally met Alex and followed his heart, he cannot understand why people are so upset of his judgment.

When the couple appeared in the 2DayFM’s Rove and Sam show the morning after the season finale aired, Strahan stressed that he is very much happy of his decision. Alex, on the other hand, said she believes that Strahan just truly followed his heart in choosing her instead of Nikki.

Nikki has also given her opinion about the online criticisms on Strahan and Alex. She said the public is probably still in shock of what happened. Nikki believes that after few more days, fans will finally accept Strahan’s decision.  She added that the new couple has her 100% support.

Meanwhile, Strahan almost called his new girlfriend “Nikki” in a separate interview.

Mail Online cited an interview with Who magazine where Strahan was asked what would be their living arrangement. Strahan is from Perth while Alex lives in Melbourne. Fortunately, he was able to stop himself before he could say Nikki’s name. “Obviously I’m from Perth and Ni- uh, Alex is from Melbourne, so you know. There’s a lot we still have to work out. But we’re going to have two home bases in Perth and Melbourne,” he said.

The rest of the interview went smoothly and no one further pressed  Strahan on his slip of the tongue response.

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