“The Bachelorette” 2015 star Sam Frost booted him out, but Richie Straham is still not running out of luck of finding her lady.

Channel 10 announced that it has chosen Straham as the next star in “The Bachelor” Australia. It was earlier reported that among the top contenders for the next Bachelor are Strahan and Michael Turnbull.

Several hours after it was announced, Strahan shared on Instagram a new promotional snap of himself holding a rose.

Now, before he comes back to national TV once again, here are some secrets that you have to know about the next “The Bachelor” star.

1.He’s a shy person

Strahan told News Corp Australia that he was shocked when Network Ten approached him.

“To be honest I couldn’t believe they called me up to ask,” he said.

“I’m a very private person and it’s a really big decision to put yourself out in the public arena again. I found it really hard to open up on The Bachelorette last year, but the end decision was that I could meet a girl who I could pretty much spend the rest of my life with. It’s a pretty big carrot,” Strahan added.

During “The Bachelorette” Australia 2015, Frost described Richie as “gorgeous,” and said: “I wasn’t expecting it … he’s quite shy, it’s go good.”

2.Frost’s second choice

Frost revealed to NW magazine that Strahan was her real runner-up and not Michael Turnbull. But she admitted that she did not want to take the guy all the way to New Zealand only to break his heart. “It killed me but I didn’t want to take Richie through to the finale because I would have struggled to let him down that way, I think it was better that he left when he did,” Frost said.

3.Who is Strahan dating?

Currently, none. The woman that Strahan was last seen dating was “Big Brother” beauty Tully Smyth during Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival. The two was seen locking lips during the event, Woman’s Day reported.

4. What happened to Stratan after “The Bachelorette”?

The 30-year-old rope technician from Western Australia works as a fly-in, fly-out worker on remote sites after he was sent home from the reality TV show last year. He admitted that he has not been flooded with offers after the series ended.

5. Stratan on Tinder?

No, definitely not. “There’s Tinder, but it’s not my cup of tea,” said Strahan about finding the girl of her dreams.

Meanwhile, production for “The Bachelor” 2016 is expected to begin in coming weeks. According to Sydney Morning Herald, the series is also moving to a million-dollar property in the rural NSW town of Glenorie.