The Bachelor 2016 Australia premiere offered a number of unforgettable moments that certainly made it memorable to fans.

Richie met the 22 ladies in the running for his heart on The Bachelor 2016 Australia premiere. It was also the chance for audiences to acquaint themselves with each lady to see who would be their bet to win. As expected, the ladies put their best foot forward to create a good impression on Richie. Yet a handful of ladies certainly stood out to make the first night interesting to watch.

1. Walk out or self-elimination?

Even before her journey to love began, Vintea opted out during The Bachelor 2016 Australia premiere. Her decision certainly spiked up the drama on the first episode. Perhaps, she realized it was not for her. Hence, her decision to leave, Richie explained.

2. Friend or foe?

It seems The Bachelor 2016 Australia already singled out its villain on the very first episode. The outspoken hopeful from New South Wales certainly made an impression on Richie. However, did she manage to scare him as well?

3. Is this MasterChef Australia?

The bachelor likely had a momentary memory lapse. Is this still The Bachelor 2016 Australia premiere or MasterChef Australia. Nevertheless, the bacon roses offered by Noni to Richie seemed to impress Richie. What man could resist bacon?

4. White rose holder

Single mom Alex from Victoria is Richie’s choice for the white rose. A selection that did not seem to sit well with this season’s villain. Would this mean the earlier prediction of Richie’s perfect girl was wrong?

5. Hungry?

Maybe the 31-year old hopeful from Victoria was too tense to eat before The Bachelor 2016 Australia premiere. Then again, the excitement might have been too much and she needed a quick bite of the rose, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’m standing there and I’m like, ‘Is she eating that rose?” Richie said of Sasha’s bite of the rose.