Richie Strahan is confirmed to be the next star of “The Bachelor Australia”, but it seems another former bachelor is still making the headlines as of late — Michael Turnbull. Will Michael replace Richie as the new Bachelor?

Earlier this month, TEN announced that Strahan will be the next heartthrob to look for love on the popular television dating show. The 30-year-old industrial rope technician has caught the eye of the public when he joined “The Bachelorette Australia” in an effort to woo in Sam Frost. Although Richie failed to receive the final rose last year, he aims to finally find love this 2016.

“Richie won so many hearts around the country last year in season one of The Bachelorette Australia. Now, as one of Australia’s most eligible young men, it is his turn to find love,” explained Hilary Innes, Network Ten Executive Producer of The Bachelor Australia.

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However, not everyone is excited about the idea of having him as the newest Bachelor and some are still rooting for Bachelorette runner-up, Michael Turnbull.

In an article on Sydney Morning Herald, the site noted several “red flags” to Strahan’s stint as the new Bachelor, including “his awkward bedside manner to downright discomfort with being on television.”

“Anyone who watched The Bachelorette Australia will remember how wooden and unnatural Richie was around Sam Frost,” the site added.

As for Michael though, he already confirmed to Daily Mail that he had no intentions of joining the dating show again, which deflates any rumor of him possibly replacing Strahan.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be me,” the former professional soccer player revealed, adding he “wasn’t really looking to do it.”

“Richie is awesome, he is a great guy and he definitely deserves to find a great woman,” the 35-year-old crooner exclaimed.

Richie Strahan will aim to finally find love in the upcoming season of “The Bachelor Australia” coming soon on Channel TEN Australia.