More naked photos of The Bachelor 2016 Australia Megan Marx have leaked online.

The nude photos were reportedly taken earlier this year while she was sleeping.  The Bachelor 2016 Australia Megan Marx is really upset about it. She described the incident as weird, creepy and inappropriate, and said she feels betrayed.

The reality star has yet to decide whether to report the matter to the police. The images have been circulating in Sydney, Melbourne and Western Australia. According to The Daily Telegraph, it is a law violation in WA to take or share a naked photo of somebody without his or her permission. The offense entails up to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

The publication noted that Megan did not know about the photos. A Telegraph reporter informed her about them.  Megan, however, has some names in mind as to who might be behind the leaked photos. “I have a pretty good idea of who it was, but I’ve had a couple of ex-boyfriends so I can’t confirm,” she told the Telegraph. The 27-year-old beauty previously admitted that she was married at the age of 18. However, their relationship did not last.

Megan and her fellow Bachelor contestant Tiffany Scanlon sparked controversy after they shared online some of their raunchy photos together. They also posted several “couple shots” on social media with captions expressing their affection to each other.

These set off rumors that the two are dating. The Bachelor 2016 Australia Megan Marx did not admit nor deny that there is a blossoming romance between her and Tiffany.

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Meanwhile, The Bachelor 2016 Australia, where the two started their friendship, is already in its season finale.  Megan exited the show voluntarily while Tiffany got evicted.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia star Richie Strahan will choose The One on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on Network Ten.