A West Australian trading site is still selling Bumbo baby seats, a type of baby seat without a harness, even after it has been recalled worldwide for causing harm to several children. An inquest heard on Tuesday that a 6-month-old boy died in 2013 after he fell from his Bumbo seat in a shower cubicle.

The baby’s mother left him beside the shower for seven minutes only to find the child underneath the water accumulated in the shower cubicle as the seat blocked the drain. The boy was no longer breathing.

The ABC reported that the mother gave the child a CPR until the paramedics arrived. He was rushed to the Joondalup Health Campus, where the boy died a few days after suffering severe brain damage.

According to his post-mortem report, he died of bronchopneumonia and hypoxic brain injury after almost drowning. The Coroner’s Court was told that though the seat did not have a safety harness, it bore a warning that instructed parents never to use the seat as a car or bath seat or place it on a raised platform.

The Coroner’s Court heard that in August 2012, the makers of Bumbo and consumer watchdogs announced retraction of about almost four million moulded foam seats from the market. Parents were advised to buy a restraint belt available on the manufacturer’s website before trying to use the seat again.

Yahoo News reported that Lyle Housiaux, the counsel assisting the coroner, said that about a half of the 950 new and used seats, which have been recently listed for sale on Australian webstore Gumtree, were without the safety harness.

“KidSafe WA advises all children should be closely supervised, within arm’s length, when in any water, including using bathrooms,”Yahoo News quoted Housiaux as saying.

Bumbo seats are made of low-density foam and are placed on flat surfaces to enable babies to sit up.