A baby dolphin died after tourists on an Argentinean beach pulled it out of the water so they could take selfies with it. In their defense, the tourists said that the dolphin was already half dead when it was caught in shallow waters.

According to Argentina’s La Capital reports, a group of tourists in the resort of San Bernardo, Argentina dragged the dolphin and then surrounded it. Apparently, one of the witnesses of the incident, named Claudia, claimed that after they took photos of the baby animal, they just left it there, CNET reports.

The video of the incident has been uploaded online. The beachgoers seem to be unconcerned about the dolphin’s survival. Meanwhile, the authorities say that the dolphin was not actually half dead as what the tourists reported. Instead, if the dolphin was returned to the sea instead of removing it from the water, it could probably have survived.

Some observers also said that the baby dolphin was still breathing when it was pulled out. However, the tourists did not take any action to save it. Incidents like this have happened before. In 2016, two baby dolphins also died after beachgoers took them out of the water to have selfies with them.  The tragic event also took place in Argentina.

The incident caused animal groups to speak out against this practice of killing animals just for a photo op. A spokeswoman for Australia’s arm of World Animal Protection said that it was an example of casual cruelty people do when using animals for entertainment purposes and without thinking of its needs.

“This is more than upsetting. It is an indictment of how our species treats other animals — as objects for our benefit, as props, as things with value only in relation to us. This is a terribly painful story but it goes on, writ large, every day all over the world,” added Lori Marino, executive director of The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy.