When it comes to enjoying night-outs at the Cyprus resort, Ayia Napa Mayhem is the best place for tourists, which has now become a sex romp.

A shocking video footage has been obtained that revealed the vulgar activities conducted by teen tourists. The video featured female tourists straddling men stripping naked and playing sex games on the spot. In the video footage, a woman wearing a bikini is found under a man, who tries to suck a lemon from her mouth and uses the woman’s crotch to have a shot. Another man was discovered sucking laughing gas from a balloon as shown in the clip.

The club that was known as the “messiest” and “craziest” night-out for tourists has got its image completely stained after the reports of such anti-social behaviour.

Initially, the Ayia Napa used to invite customers and encourage heavy drinking so that they chose to play more drinking games. Several people sign up at once to enjoy the party and enjoy two hours of unlimited top-shelf shots. “Mayhem Bar Crawl prides itself on its crazy staff who will make sure everyone has a wicked night by keeping you topped up with sambuca and tequila,” the website adds. “Expect plenty of drinking games and surprises.”

With the vulgar video coming into the focus, police and the tourism industry have come together to improve the reputation of the destination so that it could gain the same prestige once again. British High Commission’s Lynda Burns said earlier in 2016 that the night club was the most significant tourist destination across the UK. “We want to work together even harder and build stronger links to make sure that Cyprus is always safe and secure for tourists,” Mirror UK quoted her as saying.

In 2015, a campaign named Holiday Hangover was launched that not only targeted Ayia Napa youth but also allowed them to have their time on the island. However, it expected the club to act with complete responsibility. The purpose, however, seemed to fail with such an illegitimate acts reported from the spot.