Director Cameron Crowe revealed the truth behind the Yellow Jacket Story associated with the Guns N’ Roses front man.

Backstories about Axl Rose are certainly the stuff of legends. Yet his larger than life personality is a match to his immense talent. Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr recently shared his own bizarre encounter with Rose and his fondness for naps. In 2011, Starr found out that Rose required four hours of uninterrupted sleep during the day. His latest run-in with multinational tech company Google is another valid example. The Guns N’ Roses front man took offense at memes and unflattering images that poked fun at his weight. Rose definitely faces an uphill battle to have the pictures taken offline.

However, Crowe could have the best story to tell. The writer/director shared an anecdote about Axl Rose that’s legendary among roadies. It has something to do with a yellow jacket and the singer’s refusal to perform without it.

“There was a guy that worked with Guns N’ Roses, and there was a show and Axl Rose needed a yellow jacket that he’d left in England before he would perform. So a roadie was given the job to get on a plane as fast as possible, go to London, find Axl Rose’s yellow jacket, and come back so he could play the show,” Crowe told Entertainment Weekly.

Some might consider the best part of the story was the chance to fly to England. Yet the tale became an urban myth that it eventually became a verb among roadies. Hence, the phrase to yellow-jacket was born.

Cameron Crowe’s “Roadies” premiered on Showtime last June 26. Once again, Crowe gives audiences a look at life backstage on his latest music TV series. “Roadies” stars Luke Wilson, Imogen Poots, and Carla Gugino as backstage workers, i.e., roadies. Moreover, he hinted at certain yellow-jacketing situations that viewers should watch.

Guns N’ Roses manager Del James came forth in Axl Rose’s defense, according to Loudwire. James revealed the singer’s generous spirit and dependability as a friend. Thus, it is certainly a side of Rose’s personality that most people are not aware.