Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose takes his nap very seriously.

Steel Panther lead vocalist Michael Starr collected great rock ‘n’ roll stories and one of his favorites is the one with Axl Rose in it.

Starr recalled in a recent interview with New Zealand Herald his experience with Guns N’ Roses so vividly. He said the incident happened when Steel Panther performed in December 2011 as an opening act for Guns N’ Roses in Los Angeles.

“Axl closed off the whole left side of the arena of any noise for four hours while he took a nap,” Starr revealed. He added that everyone had to keep quiet at the dressing room to the point that no one could even tune a guitar or play a song. Starr said they have to be really quiet for four hours and noise cancelling headphones doesn’t help much.

The Steel Panther singer quipped, “That’s heavy metal, and it’s funny.”

Starr also revealed that he and his bandmates Satchel, Lexxi Foxx, and Stix Zadinia also believe that they gain more success by making funniest heavy metal parodies than singing songs from the ’80s.

“When we stopped being so serious and started having a good time, we got a record deal,” Starr said. So far, the California quartet has dropped four albums, the latest of which was the “All You Can Eat” in 2014. The album featured the Steel Panther remaking “The Last Supper” with models and pizza.

“We sing about stuff people think about but can’t say… We just sing about it,” Starr said. Steel Panther, however, also realized that they cannot please everybody. Starr disclosed that Steel Panther got banned in Germany over a song called “Critter”. Apparently, the word “critter” means something malicious in the country.

Steel Panther is currently working on their fifth album, which is expected to be dropped later this year, Blabber Mouth noted. Meanwhile, the band is also set to perform in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday night. Their last album was titled “All You Can Eat” and was released in 2014.

Do you take your naps as seriously as Guns N’ Roses?