Axl Rose has expressed interest of doing more shows with AC/DC after the success of their past shows.

The Guns N’ Roses frontman has started playing with AC/DC earlier this month. Rose has been standing in for Brian Johnson, who was forced to take some time out due to a hearing problem.

The AC/DC tour is set to conclude its “Rock Or Bust Tour” in Dusseldorf, Germany on June 15 and according to Channel 24, the 54-year-old rock star has been eager to continue working with the band in the future.

Channel 24 cited AC/DC’s guitarist Angus Young’s interview with Germany’s NDR where he said: “We’re committed to finishing this tour, so that’s been our main goal. Axl helping us – I know he’s very excited. He keeps saying, can he do more [shows]. But we don’t know at the end. This tour, which we were committed to, we want to finish it.”

Angus said Axl Rose’s broken leg is already healing. “His leg’s repairing. Each show we’ve been doing, he’s been getting up and moving around a lot more. So it adds to the show,” said Angus.

The Australia heavy metal band recently performed in Prague where they surprised fans by performing “Touch Too Much” for the first time in 35 years. AC/DC also teased that fans could expect more special treats throughout the remaining dates of their tour.

The band took on Twitter to celebrate the rare moment and wrote: “[Last night] AC/DC played Touch Too Much for the first time since 1979! What rarity would you like to hear at a show? (sic)”

Meanwhile, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has recalled his first meeting with Axl Rose in a sneak peek of his documentary, “It’s So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore.”

See “It’s So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore” trailer below

“Axl let out one of his screams and it was like nothing I’d ever heard. There were two voices coming out of him at once. I suppose there is a name for that in musicology, but all I knew in that instant was that this dude was… different… powerful… and serious,” said McKagan.

The documentary is currently being screened in about 50 cities in the United States ahead of the official release in theater on June 3, AntiMusic wrote.

Axl Rose, McKagan and Slash will reunite on June 23 to launch the Guns N’ Roses summer stadium tour of North America at Ford Field in Detroit, MI.