Axl Rose received much love and respect from his Guns N’ Roses posse that revealed a bromance worthy of admiration.

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan along with guitarist Slash made a surprise visit to London to watch their band’s frontman sing with AC/DC, Blabbermouth wrote. It was the first time the duo watch Axl Rose’s performance since his debut in Portugal with the Australian rock band. McKagan had nothing but praise for his colleague as he referred to Rose’s performance as “magical,” the publication noted. The GN’R bassist talked about it on “Jonesy’s Jukebox” recently.

“Me and [GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist] Slash and our ladies went over to London just to surprise Axl and to see the AC/DC thing at the new Olympic stadium. And it was amazing,” McKagan said.

“…But we got to see him do that thing with AC/DC, and it was magical,” McKagan added. He also revealed details about Axl Rose’s injury during the first show of Guns N’ Roses since the news of their return came out in January.
“It was just strange, the whole thing. [It was] our first show. [It happened during] the second song. He didn’t complain once. That’s the thing. We finished the show. He said, ‘I think I broke my foot,’” McKagan revealed.

Fans earlier dissed his assignment as the temporary frontman for AC/DC as they doubted his capacity to fill in for Brian Johnson. Yet Axl Rose proved critics wrong as he did justice to the rock band’s sound. Indeed, his performance on or off the chair “energized” the band, Alternative Nation quoted McKagan’s description of Rose on stage with AC/DC.

Axl Rose continues his stint with AC/DC for the Summer 2016 “Rock or Bust” tour in the United States, Ultimate Classic Rock reported. Guitarist Angus Young of the Australian rock band hinted at this early on after Rose revealed his interest to do more shows.

“This band has got a ton of energy and you’re going to see a fusion of all that terrific chemistry that we have felt ever since rehearsals in Lisbon. I want to get back out there onstage in the U.S. with these guys so our audience can see and feel it too,” Young revealed.