Everyone is talking about how good Axl Rose played for AC/DC including Accept’s Wolf Hoffman.

Axl Rose started to play with the Australian rock band after doctors advised Brian Johnson to take a break from AC/DC tour or he could suffer from total loss of hearing.

“I’m sure they had good reasons why they went with Axl. Quite honestly, everybody said… I’ve heard a lot of people bitching about Axl and stuff, and I thought what I heard sounded pretty damn good to me,” Hoffman told Australia’s Sticks For Stones in a recent interview. Hoffman believed Rose has proven his critics that he can still deliver the same performance that he did back in the days. Hollfman added Rose reminded him of the backlash Accept received when Mark Tornillo started playing with the band.

Watch Accept’s Wolf Hoffmann full interview below

Hoffmann has just unveiled the music video for his new single, Night on Bald Mountain, from his  second solo album Headbangers Symphony.

Meanwhile, Guns N’ Roses just had their Not In This Lifetime concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey over the weekend.

Slash celebrated his 51st birthday onstage, where Rose also wished him a happy birthday.

GNR performed 10 songs into the two and a half hour set including Double Talkin’ Jive, The Misfits’ Attitude, Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and The Seeker by The Who. The band did not forget Bob Dylan’s Knocking on Heaven’s Door and Live and Let Die by Wings, Daily News noted.

Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagen and the rest of the band will perform on Wednesday (July 27) at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The North America leg of the GnR reunion tour will conclude at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California on Aug 22.

Guns N’ Roses however will not rest just yet. The band is expanding its Not In This Lifetime tour to Latin America. Axl Rose’s and the group have announced 10 shows starting on October 27 in Lima, Peru.