“Guns N’ Roses” lead vocalist Axl Rose delivered an outstanding performance once again as a temporary member of AC/DC which left Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos delighted and charmed. The Real Madrid star was starstruck after meeting Axl Rose backstage after the AC/DC’s powerhouse performance in Seville, Spain recently, Inquisitr reported.

Ramos returned home to enjoy the AC/DC concert with his partner, Pilar Rubio and they were treated by the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” hitmaker with a photo, Mail Online reported. The couple posted the snapshot with the rock star on their respective Instagram account. Sergio Ramos captioned the image: “A dream come true for Pilar Rubio and I got to meet a legend… Thank you, Axl Rose!”

Meanwhile, Rubio posted a photo of her and Ramos during the concert.

The couple clearly enjoyed the concert even though Rose was not able to show off any of his signature moves during the set in Seville. The rock superstar remained seated on a guitar throne during the entire show because of a broken leg. The 54-year-old singer broke his foot during a Guns N’ Roses’ show in Los Angeles in April.

Axl Rose stepped in as a temporary member of AC/DC after regular vocalist Brian Johnson suffered hearing loss. Since the announcement of Rose joining the Australian band, many have second thoughts if he still has the talent to do justice to the AC/DC’s sound.

Rock legend Roger Daltrey was one of those who have expressed rage by Rose’s appointment and criticised the singer is nothing more than “karaoke,” Inquistr reported. However, after Axl’s first performed on stage with the band in Lisbon, Portugal, Rose proved all doubts were wrong.

Inquisitr noted that even TeamRock.com was impressed by Rose’s performance and wrote a lengthy apology for all the times they doubted him. However, the site now accuses Axl Rose of doing it just for the money, Inquisitr added.

Meanwhile, Sergio Ramos is preparing for Real Madrid’s final La Liga clash of the season where they travel to Deportivo on Saturday.