During Friday’s “Live! With Kelly & Michael,” Kelly Ripa joked about Michael Strahan’s divorce. Apparently, Michael Strahan looked a little uncomfortable after he brought up his ex-wife.

On the show, Kelly was talking to Michael about an article she read about “bird nesting.” It is a parenting technique in which kids live in one home, while separated parents their take turns staying with their kids.

“So you’ve gotten divorced,” Kelly told her co-host, who looked stunned.

He came back to being normal immediately and talked about the article’s subject, says Cinema Blend.

“We talked about me locking my bedroom doors yesterday,” Michael said.

He added that if he is sharing his house with his ex-wife much frequently and she can get in with a key, at any point, he would be definitely locking the door.

“I’m not going to do it. Maybe I should. Her house is nicer than mine,” he said while joking.

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On Thursday night as well, the two had also shared an embarrassing moment while talking about his divorce. However, it was Michael, who brought up one of his ex-wives.

He said that he had dogs. He a Great Dane and had a pet psychic come over and he didn’t get the pet psychic.

“My ex-wife got the pet psychic. But then-” he said.

Kelly interrupted by asking, if it was the reason that had led to the divorce. The question attracted laughs.

“There were a variety of things,” Michael said.

“But, you know, great woman. Great mother to the kids. So, um, so, why am I in this position right now? I’m trying to talk about a pet psychic.”

Another awkward moment on Thursday’s show took place when Animal Planet’s, wildlife expert, Peter Gros showed up with a screaming hairy armadillo.

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Michael said that the screaming armadillo is about to scare him away. However Michael wasn’t amused when Kelly said that she wanted to take the armadillo into contract negotiations with her.

Kelly took herself off from the series for four weekdays after she was told that Michael was leaving the show to concentrate on “Good Morning America.”

According to E! Online, Kelly was informed about the surprise not long before the news was made public. It was reported that Kelly turned “livid” about being kept in the dark.