The latest polls conducted by different media outlets have indicated a tough competition between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in the Australian elections 2016.

The leadership spill in September gave Australians a chance to see how different Turnbull was from former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The PM was already popular enough to chase the nation’s top position when Shorten entered the scene. Being a Labor nominee, the leader became the choice for the next prime minister position. The Age described the battle as a competition between a heavyweight and lightweight. An unforgettable Shorten suddenly became an option for the public, whom they can choose to give the political scenario a different turn.

After the latest polls showed that Labor and the Coalition are sharing a 50-50 partnership, it won’t come as a surprise for Australians if Labor wins, making Shorten a deserving PM contender. The opposition leader’s fortune had proved unpredictable within the span of the last nine months. He started as a no one and now he is a possible future prime minister. The expected changes that a government led by Shorten, if he wins the Australian elections 2016, can be clearly estimated if you follow the Turnbull-Shorten first leaders’ debate of the federal election campaign.

The debate covered topics like privatisation, health care, education, negative gearing, banking, among others. The most unexpected part was Shorten’s win that came following his ability to respond effectively and convincingly. His answers were more acceptable than what Turnbull advocated. The Labor leader might not win but his party would definitely give him another chance as already suggested by ANU’s Frank Bongiorno.

The coalition budget 2016 under the supervision of Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison appeared to be a proposal for rich Australians and not for the masses. According to Turnbull, people should not stop their children from spending their wealth from buying properties. What he advocated indicates Australia is for the rich.

If Bill Shorten wins:

  • Maybe Australia will get a head of the nation who thinks more about the masses and not only the classes.
  • Maybe Australia will have a top leader who accepts criticisms as willfully as appreciations.
  • Maybe Australia will have a government that acts more for the public than defending its views without knowing the consequences.
  • Maybe Australia will get a “less adamant” governing body.

Five more weeks to go. The countdown begins!