It seems the Avengers 3 movie has a chance to include another key comic character.

A report from MovieWeb details that Ms. Marvel/Kamala Kahn has a chance to make it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though there’s no confirmation on the matter, the possibility exists. The source details that Marvel Chief Operating Officer Joe Quesada himself voiced out the potential of the character coming to life.

The website quotes Quesada as saying:

“Our readers are the Johnny Appleseeds. They tell us something is resonating, something is hitting a core, and that’s something we should try to cultivate. Another great example of this: Ms. Marvel. […] And now we have a character that’s very recognizable – very, very quickly. That doesn’t happen a lot. Who knows where Ms. Marvel’s going to end up. You can be sure that, somewhere down the road, she will be a part of the future of Marvel in other media.”

It is important to note that the Marvel exec doesn’t specify whether Ms. Marvel could be a fit for TV or the big screen. Hence, it’s open to interpretation.

Avengers 3 movie – the logical choice

However, if our guess will be based on Marvel’s lined up projects, it seems the Avengers 3 movie is a logical choice. Mostly, it’s fitting because of the large number of heroes reported to make their appearance on the movie.

Back in May, the Russo brothers revealed that there will be 67 characters in Infinity War. That number later went up to 68. Initially, the huge roster made a lot of people–fans, mostly–think that the number will be comprised of Marvel characters from other platforms. This includes the agents of SHIELD from ABC and the Defenders from Netflix.

However, the Russo Brothers has since denied that possibility. Considering that the existing Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy do not complete the projected number, more characters are needed. This will likely require the movie to add those who hasn’t made their debut on any media yet.

Therefore, Ms. Marvel could easily fit in the third Avengers film.

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