Marvel does its best in keeping everything about their upcoming films under wraps. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop people involved with the films to share little details to ease fans’ anticipation. Such is the case with the Russo brothers’ recent prop video. Does it reveal Avengers 3 Infinity War spoilers?

Comic Book reports that the directors shared a sneak peak of a prop for the next Avengers film. The video is available on the tandem’s Facebook page. The brothers simply caption the video “Infinity prop…” without any other explanation.

CB notes that the 30-second video shows “a 3D printing process called stereolithography.” Other than that, the clip is vague as can be.

Infinity prop…

Posted by The Russo Brothers on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Avengers 3 Infinity War spoilers: Does the prop offer clues?

Hence, it’s anyone guess what the prop is for. Some of those who left comments on the video suggested that the thing is for Thanos. It could be some sort of weapon he uses against the Avengers. Meanwhile, others guessed the video shows the creation of the Infinity Gauntlet.

An article from Screen Rant describes this item as follows:

“The Infinity Gauntlet (when fully assembled) is arguably the most power item in the Marvel universe, giving its wearer the power to basically do whatever the hell they want.The item is so powerful that even when in the hands of the good guys it can be dangerous, and seldom is anyone allowed to possess and control all of the Infinity Stones – the gems contained within the gauntlet, which are the real power here.”

Infinity Gems and what they are

For the unitiated, some of these so-called Infinity gems appeared across different films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Verge lists them as follows:

1. Tesseract as the Space Stone appearing in Captain America and The Avengers
2. Aether as the Reality Stone appearing in Thor: The Dark World
Orb as the Power Stone appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy
4. Vision as the Mind Stone appearing in Loki’s Scepter then revealed in Age of Ultron
5. Time Gem
6. Soul Gem

At the time the source released the article, Doctor Strange didn’t debut yet. However, since Benedict Cumberbatch brought the character to life, it was revealed that the Eye of Agamotto holds the time stone. This leaves the the soul gem as the remaining stone yet to be revealed.

If indeed the prop video teased by the Russos is the Infinity Gauntlet, the soul gem will most likely appear in the remaining Phase 3 films. Share your guesses on which film it could be.

For now, stay tuned for more news on Avengers 3 Infinity War spoilers.