Will the Guardians of the Galaxy really join the upcoming war in the next “Avengers 3” movie?

According to IGN, Marvel screenwriter Christopher Markus hinted that the Guardians will make an appearance in the upcoming movie. “Let’s put it this way,” Markus told Nerdist. “You know who owns that [Infinity] Gauntlet, right? And you know who’s in the other movie? And his kid is in that movie… you do the math!”

Cinema Blend later did the math and found “that math really is hard to argue with at this stage of the game.” The film blog pointed out that Thanos’ adopted daughter Gamora is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. “It would seem incredibly odd for her not to show up and face off against the Mad Titan in some capacity.”

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that Thanos might play a bigger role in the upcoming “Avengers 3” movie. This was confirmed by another “Avengers” screenwriter, Stephen McFeely. “You know, he’s never been the villain in any of the movies,” McFeely said. “He’s never been the main character in that way, so giving lots of screen time to Thanos is paramount and pretty fun.”

How big a role will the Guardians play in the next “Avengers” movie? Will it just be Gamora who will show up in the film? Or will she be joined by the other Guardians? What could Star Lord, Groot and the rest of the gang possibly do to help the Avengers in the war to come? Fans will have to watch the film when it hits theatres to find out.

Can’t wait to see the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy team up for a face off with Thanos? You might have to wait a little longer. Part 1 of “Avengers: Infinity War” will not hit the big screen until May 4, 2018.