Safe Work Australia provided a set of data to show the industries that are the most life risking. Based on the record, the top 10 risky jobs have been ranked in Australia.

A workplace is the second home for an employee or worker. When a person goes to work, he feels he is in a safe place. However, it is shocking that the death rate of people while at their workplace is quite significant. According to the reports depicted by the Sydney Morning Herald, a majority of deaths of working people are recorded from the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry. Based on the Safe Work Australia data set, Australia’s top 10 life-risking jobs have been ranked.


Within the period of 2013-14, the total number of employees in the transportation industry was 590,000 throughout the nation. Around 46 people died while 9.43 was the average of workers who suffered severe wounds.


The total number of people involved in the agricultural field was 313,000 in 2013-14. Among them, almost 43 people lost their lives while 3.37 people were treated for severe injuries.


Among 1.026 million workers and staff of construction companies in 2013-14, almost 11.54 people suffered serious injuries while 31 died.


In 2013-14, around 930,000 people were employed in the manufacturing industry, which is the fourth most life-risking job for people among the top 10 jobs mentioned in Australia. Fifteen deaths occurred due to mishap and 12.93 severe injuries were recorded, according to data.

Arts and recreation

A total of 202,000 employees worked in arts and creation division. Out of them, 10 died while 1.87 faced serious wounds.


There were 269,000 people who were in the mining industry from 2013 to 2014. In this division, around 10 people died while 2.67 were treated for severe injuries.

Public administration and safety

Among 750,000 public administration and safety employees, six deaths occurred while 8.78 were wounded seriously.

Wholesale trade

Out of 393,000 staff in the wholesale trade industry, 6 died while 4.38 suffered injuries.

Administrative and support

Administrative and support industry jobs might appear safe but it has been discovered that people working here might also die because of accidents and other mishaps. In 2013-201, out of 386,000 employees, 4 died whereas 4.53 were treated for severe wounds.

Health and community services

There were 1.394 million employees in the sector, among which two deaths occurred while 17.42 people suffered injuries.