Fans slam the judges’ decision to send Erik The Dog to “Australia’s Got Talent” 2016 grand finale.

Mail Online reported that Robotic Erik The Dog wowed Kelly Osbourne and Sophie Monk with his wit and sexy dance moves. As a result, it became a unanimous decision to send him to the finals.

However, viewers were not amused. The judges’ decision outraged them. They expressed their anger on Twitter.

Perez Hilton posted some tweets from the show’s disappointed viewers.

The judges’ decision also makes Erik The Dog eligible to win the grand prize. If so, then it would be a first for the show, Mail Online revealed.

Among the judges, Osbourne looked most enamoured by the robotic dog’s dance, the website added. She even went as far as calling it her “boyfriend”.

After the performance, Osbourne stated that she “felt betrayed by her boyfriend”.

“I feel like you have cheated on me – you had six gorgeous women on the stage and not one of them was me”, she said. A group of female dancers joined Erik the Dog on stage. They danced to the song “I’m Too Sexy”.

However, to pacify Osbourne, Erik The Dog responded, “But I was thinking about you”.

After securing Osbourne’s vote, the robotic dog went after Monk next. He told the other female judge on the panel, “It’s just that you’re really nice that’s all,” as he admired her beauty, Mail Online added.

Monk initially resisted the robotic dog’s charm. She mentioned how it didn’t even know her name.

Nevertheless, Erik The Dog persisted and quickly replied, “Names-shames baby”. The judge conceded and said, “You are very smart and fast!”

Throughout its performance, the cheeky robotic dog quipped cheeky one-liners. Some of them included “Whose a bad dog?”,”Let’s get it on!” and “Holy s*** Shirley!” Mail Online noted.