Well, this baby is believed to be Australia’s biggest baby who almost broke the mum’s pelvis during a delivery on Saturday.

Breanna Sykes, 18, from Carramar in Perth, was not expecting that her baby boy would weight almost six kilogrammes. During her painful delivery, she was forced to have a caesarian section. And she gave birth to Ziad Kadic after 7:15pm at Joondalup Health Campus.

‘They said he is just not going to fit if I try and push the baby he could break my pelvis so I had to get a caesarian, unfortunately,’

Sykes was astonished to see her baby, who weighed 5.9 kgs and measured 57cm, which is more than the average weight of 3.35kgs in Australia.

“It was a very big surprise,” Sykes told PerthNow from her hospital bed at Joondalup Health Campus.

“The doctor would not induce me (at first) but then measured me on the table and said he thought my baby would be about eight or nine pounds.

According to TVNZ, Sykes was put under anaesthetic after her water broke. She felt too much pain even after she completely dilated. Doctors said that the baby could cause an anxiety attack.

“My waters broke, and I was fully dilated, but the pain was too much. I was having an anxiety attack so they had to put me under anaesthetic.

When I woke up they told me I had a 13.2 pound (5.9kg) baby.”

The doctors from Joondalup Health Campus, after all, health and blood tests, said that the baby is healthy, it could be genetics.

“The doctors said it could be genetics,” she said.

“They have done all these tests and all the blood work, he’s perfectly healthy. He’s just so chunky, beautiful, very chubby, cuddly and sleepy.” Sykes said in a report filed by Daily Mail.

Well, it has not been confirmed really whether the baby is the biggest baby born in Western Australia.  He is not even close to Ollie Stock, the biggest baby from Central Queensland, born around three years ago and was 6.76kg in weight.