The oldest Sumatran tiger in Australia’s Adelaide Zoo has been put to rest after battling several issues with its body. The Sumatran tiger named Kemiri was 22-years old when she was euthanized last Wednesday. It was a tough decision for the zoo keepers and the veterinarians handling Kemiri but it was certainly for the better as the tiger has been suffering lately.

Adelaide Zoo veterinarian Ian Smith was one of the people that had decided to finally give Kemiri his due rest. The Sumatran tiger was battling several issues with its body including kidney problems, arthritis and many more. The handlers of Kemiri could no longer keep up with the tiger’s condition but despite this, the tiger has lived a long and happy life.

Dr. Smith says that “the average life expectancy for Sumatran tigers in the wild is about 12 years and in captivity, about 20 years, so to reach 22 is really positive,” reports 9News. He adds that “for a number of months, Kemiri had been suffering from a number of age-related conditions which the veterinary team had been treating, but over the past week, her condition deteriorated.”

The veterinary team handling Kemiri came to the conclusion that more treatment to the Sumatran tiger can no longer improve Kemiri’s quality of life. Prolonging treatment could’ve meant that the tiger will suffer more and more. As with most cases of euthanasia, Kemiri’s was done to let the old tiger finally rest.

Kemiri wasn’t born in Adelaide Zoo but she was transferred there in 1995. She was actually born in Taronga Zoo in 1994 and she was the oldest of three Sumatran tigers.

The people who took care of Kemiri were very happy to have worked with the tiger. The carnivore keeper at Adelaide Zoo, Matt Daly, said, “Every day was a pleasure to work with Kemiri.”