No Australian or New Zealander will be allowed in Nauru anymore as the authorities have cancelled all visitor visas for the people belonging to both countries as confirmed by the Nauru airline.

The decision was disclosed when some passengers were unable to board their flight from Brisbane to Nauru via Honiara on Thursday night at 1:00 a.m. Nauru authorities took the move following an Australian journalist’s reported entry into the country on a tourist visa without informing them about his/her media profession.

“Changes in visa policy implemented after ABC dishonestly entered country as tourist and failed to declare they were media,” the Nauru government revealed via a tweet. The government later deleted the post though. Later in another tweet, the government strongly claimed that there were “journalists entering illegally” into the region. After the incident, the Nauru government released a statement where it claims the changing of procedures relating to visitor visas for Aussies and Kiwis. However, it did not elaborate about the changes done.

“No visas held by Australian and New Zealand workers who enter Nauru for legitimate work reasons are affected,” the statement said. “Holders of visitor visas to Nauru should contact the consulate of Nauru in Brisbane if further information is required.”

According to The Guardian, the Nauru Government alleged an ABC journalist entered Nauru without declaring his professional status properly. Since January 2013, journalists had been paying $8,000 to pay a visit to the nation and the rule has been broken this time, the government claimed. It added that only one media professional from Australia, namely Chris Kenny, was approved to visit.

The Nauru government’s tweet stated earlier that the nation’s public were not banned from visiting Nauru, but now they would be facing restrictions. “Every nation has requirements that those entering must do so honestly. Sadly deceptive behaviour from ABC disadvantages others,” the tweets stated. “Citizens of Aust & NZ entering honestly for genuine reasons still welcome in Nauru. Those with existing visas should reapply if unsure.”