Australian of the year David Morrison bagged a job that pays him $200,000 a year for the position of diversity adviser at Deloitte Australia. He will have to work for just 25 days a year, pitching the rate at $1,000 per hour. This has enraged some veterans as they feel Morrison landed the job only because of his time as military boss.

“It’s jobs for the boys,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Bruce Relph, the NSW president of the Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans Association, as saying. “It is disgusting he can land a job like that when ex-servicemen and women are left on the scrapheap.”

A string of army contracts awarded to Deloitte included a $2.6 million deal to upgrade its website at the time when Morrison was the army chief. This has led to further contentions amongst veterans who raised questions about the appointment of Morrison.

“It gives the perception that things that he did in his position as chief of the army have led to an offer, which he has accepted,” the 9 News quoted David Jamison, the national president of the Defence Force Welfare Association, as saying.

Morrison, who has been under fire since he was awarded the Australian of the Year title, refused to comment on his appointment. A petition calling for his resignation was launched after he advocated for gender equality and an Australian Republic in his acceptance speech rather than discussing issues such as mental health and suicide amongst soldiers. The petition has been already signed by around 7,000 people.

Last week, independent senator Jacqui Lambie used parliamentary privilege to launch an attack against the Australia Defence Force for covering up abuses.

However, a spokesman for Deloitte said that the company is proud to have Morrison to be working with it.

“David had retired from the Army prior to this appointment in September 2015. The connection between Deloitte and David arose through the Male Champions of Change network,” the Daily Telegraph quoted the spokesman as saying. “We are proud to be working with such an amazing role model and advocate for diversity and inclusion, gender equality and fairness.”