An Australian UGG boots seller has been trapped in a legal battle against a US footwear company that has claimed its ownership on the UGG brand.

The American company wants the Sydney-based one to quit using the name UGG for its products and sell it by some other name. US UGG manufacturer Deckers has demanded the closure of the Australian brand that made the UGG shoes. Australian Leather Pty Ltd has been manufacturing the boots since the early 1990s and has been known in the market for manufacturing almost 50,000 pairs of boots every year.

Deckers has legally attacked the Australian boot makers, the Oygur family, for using the name “UGG” for 25 years. This is the first attempt made by the American company to sue this Aussie boot manufacturer. “We are nothing compared to that company,” The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Australian Leather founder and owner Eddie Oygur. “In the past, they have closed down dozens of small manufacturers in Australia, but if the legal protection was provided it would create many hundreds of jobs and tens of millions in export earnings amongst Australian UGG boot makers.”

Eddie Oygur added that “Someone has to stand up for them and if it’s me so be it … Come on, let’s have it on.” According to Newshub, Deckers own the trademark for the boots in 120 countries, but in Australia and New Zealand, the word “UGG” is not subject to copyright but is used as an industry term. The American company is making an attempt to negatively affect the Oygurs’ stocks and make them hand over all their revenue generated from the UGG boots’ sales to them.

The supporters of the Australian bootmaker have indicated their desire to protect the word as the word champagne has been protected by the French. “We need this to be exempt under the Australia free-trade agreement; otherwise, there’ll be no hope for people like Eddie and other businesses like his around the country,” Senator Nick Xenophon said.

The Australian authorities have indicated considering such legislation to protect the name “UGG.”