Australian Trade and Investment Minister Steve Ciobo disclosed his willingness to develop its nation’s trade relationships with China during the beginning of Australia Week in China on Monday.

Ciobo addressed the event attended by thousands of business people who were on their visit to China for a series of business programs to be held across the nation. This is being considered as Australia’s largest ever trade mission to convince China to invest in Aussie businesses. AWIC will prompt China to make a significant investment and drive export sales to make sure more jobs are created and the Aussie economy is boosted, according to Ciobo’s statement.

According to Cri English, the minister said that the number of delegates, including professionals from small and medium enterprises, depicts how serious Australia is in building its business relations with China. The delegation comprised a group focused on promoting Aussie trade, education, investment and tourism in its largest export market.

During Australia Week, about 150 business activities are scheduled to be held across 10 different cities in China, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The programs to be featured include activities from industries, such as finance, agriculture, elderly healthcare, tourism, and education.

Small Business Minister and Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer has claimed that the Aussie-China relationship has the ability to prompt an expansion of small and medium-sized businesses. “The Australian government is actively encouraging our SMEs to think beyond our own borders and to consider export opportunities into major markets, and there are none bigger than China,” the Shanghai Daily quoted her as saying.

“The historic China-Australia Free Trade Agreement with its substantial tariff cuts for Australian exports and other concessions in areas such as services greatly enhances our competitive position in a market which is transitioning to a more consumer-driven growth model,” she added.

Trade Minister Steve Ciobo also mentioned the China-Australia free trade agreement, saying it would enhance bilateral economic and trade bonding between the two nations. The ChAFTA has come into effect since December 2015. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is due to make his formal visit to China during the week with an intention of meeting Chinese authorities.