Australian Survivor is back! Channel Ten has vowed it is going to be different.

The reality TV show is set to come back next week after a decade of hiatus. Channel Ten has vowed that they will not make the same mistake other networks had done in the first two runs of Survivor in Australia. Season 1 of Australian Survivor aired in Nine in 2002. A celebrity edition then followed in Seven four years after.

“If you are a fan of the US series, there are huge expectations on the production values of this show. We have done absolutely everything we can to ensure that we can meet people’s expectations,” executive producer Stephen Tate said.

Channel Ten chose Samoa’s main island Upolu as the location for this season instead of filming Down Under. The first two editions in Australia were filmed in the country. Sydney Morning Herald noted at least four seasons of US Survivor were filmed in Upolu.

What makes Australian Survivor different from the US version?

1. The Australian castaways will have to endure the staggering 55 days in the island instead of just 39 days.

2. The Survivor Down Under will be hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia instead of Jeff Probst.

3. All 24 castaways are Australians.

Check out the complete list of Australian Survivor castaways below.

4. Tate revealed that a $500,000 prize is still at stake and the Australian version is just as cutthroat as the others.  However, the castaways will behave cordially towards one another and will outwit one another with a smile. Tate teased that there is even an episode that one castaway stood down from a challenge to let a fellow castaway win.

Meanwhile, Channel Ten has already confirmed that there will be a Season 2 for its newest reality show.

Australian Survivor is set to debut on Sunday (August 21) at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

The 24 Australian Survivor castaways:

  1. Andrew, 29, Marketing Executive (Brisbane, Queensland)
  2. Barry, 44, Radio Host and Ex Rugby International (Cairns, Queensland)
  3. Bianca, 36, Private Investigator (Melbourne, Victoria)
  4. Brooke, 23, Sales Executive (Melbourne, Victoria)
  5. Conner, 23, Law Student (Canberra, ACT)
  6. Craig, 32, Emergency Services Recruitment Officer (Brisbane, Queensland)
  7. Des, 59, Courier Driver (Sunshine Coast, Queensland)
  8. El, 33, Army Corporal and Charity Worker (Brisbane, Queensland)
  9. Evan, 30, High School Teacher (Melbourne, Victoria)
  10. Flick, 23, Personal Assistant and Bartender (Gold Coast, Queensland)
  11. Jennah-Louise, 27, Law Graduate (Gold Coast Queensland)
  12. Kate, 28, Financial Analyst (Perth, Western Australia)
  13. Kat, 26, Partnerships and Brand Manager (Perth, Western Australia)
  14. Kristie, 24, Senior Account Executive (Sydney, NSW)
  15. Kylie, 38, Firefighter (Melbourne, Victoria)
  16. Lee, 40, Aerial Photographer and Ex Pro Cricketer (Brisbane, Queensland)
  17. Matt, 29, Magician and Mentalist (Adelaide, South Australia)
  18. Nick, 28, High School Teacher (Adelaide, South Australia)
  19. Peter, 62, Air Traffic Controller (Canberra, ACT)
  20. Phoebe, 27, Criminal Lawyer (Sydney, NSW)
  21. Rohan, 28, Model (Melbourne, Victoria)
  22. Sam, 28, Charity Co-Founder and CEO (Sydney NSW)
  23. Sue, 59, Personal Trainer and Retired Customs Officer (Perth, Western Australia)
  24. Tegan, 33, Personal Trainer and Model (Sydney, NSW)