The first look at “Australian Survivor” 2016 revealed what viewers can expect from the reality show.

Twenty-four Aussie castaways will take part in the upcoming season of “Australian Survivor,” revealed. Thus, each survivor must outsmart the rest in order to endure the “ultimate test of survival,” the publication wrote. Learn five big things about one of the top billed shows on Australian television this 2016.

1. A total of 15,000 candidates sent in their applications. However, only two dozen made it to the final list. Among them are a criminal lawyer, a law student, a financial analyst, a high school teacher, a firefighter, and an air traffic controller to name a few.

2. “Australian Survivor” 2016 is set in the tropical paradise of Samoa. To date, filming for the 55-day competition is on track according to Network Ten Chief Programming Officer Beverley McGarvey. Fans might expect the season to air in late August or in early September according to the Australian Survivor fanpage.

3. Jonathan LaPaglia is well aware of the hosting challenges on “Australian Survivor” 2016 since this is the “most ambitious” season of the reality competition to date, the Herald Sun wrote.

“I’ve worked in the US, so I’ve seen this scale before, but for television, this is incredibly hectic. It has so many moving parts at any given moment. It’s kind of daunting. I don’t think I’m ready to go, an extra week would be nice,” LaPaglia said. Sadly, he has no time to rest at this point.

4. Adelaide radio station Hit107 revealed the tribe buffs and tribe names. Based on their Princess Survivor Challenge, it would seem that the blue buff is the Saanapu tribe while the red buff is the Aganoa tribe.

5. Executive producer Stephen Tate gave insight into the contestants and how they’ve fared so far on location, MCN reported.

“We think this cast are incredible. They are certainly not disappointing us. So far we have captured everything Survivor fans could hope for,” he said.

Tate added, “Spectacular challenges with nail-biting finishes, camp sites washed away by king tides, alliances tested, brilliant blindsides at tribal council, and the discovery of secret immunity idols. The Aussie Survivors are also demonstrating wonderful mateship, as well as brilliant strategy. We even have the reality Holy Grail! – a developing romance.”

Watch the first look at “Australian Survivor” 2016.